What's New at Durham Radio - December 26th, 2008

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Amateur Radio

Autotuner for Yaesu FT-817 + Others

ft817 automatic antenna tuner

The LDG Z817 is both lightweight and compact so you can take it just about anywhere. Covers 160 through 6 meters. Power consumption is Zero when not tuning allowing a set of 4x"AA" batteries to last about one year. More info

RAC Operating Manual 3rd Edition

RAC operating manualAre you a new ham looking for a little help with procedure, regulations, and tips for operating in general? The new RAC operating manual has you covered. More info


amateur speaker and key switch

The ALK-2 is a switch box for speakers, keying lines, ALC lines or whatever you need.

More info

Mag 3 Economical Mag Mount

mag mount with cable

A 3-inch magnet mount with 3/8 24 thread and 10' coax with PL-259. Currently priced at just $9.97!

Product page

The KPC3+ TNC Returns

kpc3 plus

We have added the KPC3 stock back to our lineup because there are applications where it is simply more suitable for specific applications than other products we carry.

More info

Alinco DJ-175

alinco handheld ham radio

A well-designed full-featured 2 metre HT at an affordable price.

More info

AM/FM Radios

Personal Tracking

Tivol Model Three Now Glossy!

tivoli model three

The tivoli Model three is now available in dark walnut and piano finish.

Dark Walnut Piano


SPOT personal trackerLet friends and loved ones know you're OK while hunting, fishing, camping or any time you're off the beaten path. A convenient and reliable way to call for help.

More Info

CB Radios

Galaxy DX929

galaxy 929 CBDon't be fooled by it's size though, this radio packs some serious punch. It has a front mike connector, variable power control, dimmer control, large s-meter, SWR warning circuit and built in meter.

More Info

Galaxy 939

deluxe galaxy mobile CB Galaxy's newly released DX939 is their top-of-the-line standard CB (non-SSB) radio. Some of the most attractive features include a five digit frequency readout, blue digital display, roger beep and a StarLite backlit faceplate. More info

CBS1000 Base Station on Sale Now!

CBS 1000 SSB CB base stationWe have an incredibley low price on the CBS-1000 for a limited time only. Now you can get a base station with SSB for less than you would have paid for an AM base station just a few years ago. Check out all of the features by clicking on the link below. More Info

Cobra 25 Now on Sale!

Cobra 25 classic One of the best-selling CB's of all time. Rugged and reliable chassis. A favourite amongst truckers.

More info

Digital TV

Interest in Digital Television signals has increased significantly in recent days and as a result, we were inspired to carry a few products for over-the-air reception.

The cutoff date for analog television in the USA means that Canadians who have relied on over-the-air signals from our friends across the border will either need an ATSC (digital) tuner in their TV or they will need a converter box to continue to receive their favourite stations.

The new digital signals look great! Some programming is transmitted in High Definition too. (you won't see HD quality on your old TV but it will look pretty good.) If you have a new TV with a built-in ATSC tuner, why not hook up your old TV antenna or even a set of "rabbit ears" and see for yourself. You might be impressed engough to say goodbye to your cable or satellite provider!

For more info on these FREE digital over-the-air signals, click HERE.

Below are a couple of products we are now stocking.

ATSC TV converter

digital tv converterThe Tivax STB-T8 converter box allows you to receive Digital TV on your old analog TV set. Has modulated channel 3/4 out plus composite video. Pass through allows you to continue to receive analog signals as long as they are available. More Info

High-Performance UHF Antenna

8 bay UHF antenna for digital TV Antennas Direct DB8 UHF HDTV TV Antenna. Perfect for receiving UHF digital channels.

More info

GPS Receivers

Nuvi 255 and 255W

nuvi 255These affordable GPS receivers come preloaded with North America and Europe detail maps and offer voice turn-by-turn directions including street names. Built-in JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, calculator and more. Where Am I?" emergency locator quickly find hospital, police, fire and gas stations.

Standard Nuvi 255
Nuvi 255W (widescreen version)

Nuvi 265T and 265WT

nuvi 265 gps canadaAll of the features of the Nuvi 255 series plus lifetime traffic and hands-free calling, simplifying life on the go.

Nuvi 265T

Nuvi 265WT (widescreen)

Nuvi 275T

Nuvi 275TAll of the features of the Nuvi 265T plus it's preloaded maps for Europe too!

More info

Nuvi 765T and 775T

nuvi 775TThese advanced navigators come with premium features including 3-D building view, photo navigation, faster screen redraws, route planning, emergency and car locators and much more! Built-in MP3/audio book player and FM transmitter.

Nuvi 765T preloaded North America
Nuvi 775T North America and Europe


Watson High Performance Duckys now SMA

watson scanner antennasThe popular Watson high-performance duckys are now available with SMA connectors instead of BNC connectors so they fit the most modern scanners on the market.

WSMA801 - 8.5 inch "Regular Gainer"
WSMA881 - 16 inch "Super Gainer"
WSMA889 - 5.5 to 16 inch "Telescopic"

Click on model numbers above for details.

BCRH-96 Remote Head for Uniden

remote head for bearcat scanners Remote programming head allows you to control your BCD996T, BCD396T, BCT15 and BR330T.

More info


KA500 Emergency Radio

kaito KA-500Kaito KA 500 is the perfect radio for emergency situations or disaster. It can be powered six different ways so you'll never miss news or other important info. It covers AM, FM, Shortwave and weather bands. Built in flashlight, reading lamp and blinking light. More Info

Passport to World Band Radio 2009

shortwave radio guide Covers longwave, mediumwave and shortwave. Built-in solar panel for charging on the go! Includes coupler for radios without a mediumwave antenna jack. Farrite antenna rotates for best reception of signals below 3 MHz. Telescopic antenna included. More info

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