What's New at Durham Radio - Nov 13th, 2008

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Check below to see some of the items that we have added since our last mailing.

NOTE: Products are not displayed in any particular order. Please view the whole page for new and interesting products.

Amateur Radio

PALSTAR DL5K 5 Kilowatt Dummy Load

220 MHz Transceiver

This fan-cooled dummy load can handle 5000 Watts for up to 30 seconds. DC - 30 MHz

More info

Daiwa CN-801G D-Star Cross Needle

amateur cross needle meter

D-STAR Meter (900 MHz - 1.2 GHz) Measures forward power, reflected power and SWR simultaneously

More info

Powerpole Retainer Kit for Rigrunner Power Bars

powerpole lock

The kit consists of two end brackets and a rod. The rod slides into each Powerpole from both end brackets. The rod must be removed to unplug a connection. More info

2009 ARRL Handbook

ARRL Handbook The most comprehensive source of applied electronics and communications know-how. Updated amateur satellite information, including details for today’s fleet of operational satellites. A CD-ROM of the entire contents of the book plus updated versions of accessory software is included. More info

JTCE1BK Centre Insulator

black centre insulator

This centre insulator can handle the biggest of dipoles. Large holes for easy threading.

More info

Duplexer for the IC-706/MKII/G FT-100

duplexer for icom IC706The comet CF-706 duplexer has HF+6m on one connector and VHF/UHF on the other making it easy to use multiband antennas with your modern transceiver.

More info

AM1025 Mag Mount

6 meter FM transceiver 5" magnet mount with cable and PL connector. Fits UHF mount antennas.
More info

LDG KT100 Tuner for Kenwood

heil headset for icomJust arrived. This tuner ismade specifically for kenwood radios. Tune from the radio's front panel. Powered by the radio.
More info

Miscellaneous Batteries

C Crane Soft Speaker

c crane soft speaker For your private listening enjoyment. Plug it into the earphone jack of any radio, put the speaker on your pillow, and listen in.

More Info

Ultralast High Capacity NiMH Batteries

ultralast rechargeable batteriesQuality, high-capacity rechargeable batteries rated at 2600MAh per Battery.

20 pack also available

More Info


Grundig Satellit 750

shortwave radio with MP3 player built inComplete coverage of all long wave, medium wave and shortwave frequencies plus FM and aircraft bands! Also has SSB for listening to hams, pirate radio and international avionics. More Info

KA-35 Active AM/Shortwave Antenna

active shorwave antenna Covers longwave, mediumwave and shortwave. Built-in solar panel for charging on the go! Includes coupler for radios without a mediumwave antenna jack. Farrite antenna rotates for best reception of signals below 3 MHz. Telescopic antenna included. More info

WiFi Weather Stations

MFJ 1800 2.4 GHZ WiFi 15 dBi Beam Antenna

wifi antenna with gain This 15 dBi Wireless Yagi Antenna extends your range to lengths you never thought possible! Use this antenna and find dozens of networks you never knew existed! More Info

Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station

wireless weather station The WMR200 is an exciting new next generation Complete Weather Station providing comprehensive weather information - weather forecast, indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV measurement (optional), rainfall amount, heat index, wind direction and speed, moon phase etc. WMR200 is PC downloadable via a build-in data logger function. More info

GPS Receivers

Oregon 300

oregon 300This security lock works with both the Zumo 450 and 550 motorcycle GPS units.

More info

Garmin Nuvi 550

nuvi 550 gps canadaDo it all with the rugged, waterproof, multi-mode nüvi 550. Drive, hike, bike or boat — this dynamic device switches modes to navigate your active lifestyle. Loaded with detailed street maps for North America. Provides spoken turn-by-turn directions to your destination and accepts optional maps for any adventure. More info

Lock for Garmin Zumo

zumo lockThis security lock works with both the Zumo 450 and 550 motorcycle GPS units.

More info

Garmin Nuvi 850

nuvi 850This advanced GPS features speech recognition, a widescreen display, preloaded maps, an FM transmitter and more. Just speak a menu option and nüvi obeys your command! More info

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