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What's New at Durham Radio - May 27th, 2015

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Amateur Radio

Portable 8 Band Dipole

portable 8-band dipole by MFJYou can tune the MFJ-2289 for any frequency between 7 - 55mHz. Handles up to 1KW.

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Rugged HF SWR/Power Meter

cross-needle meter for HF Rugged constructionThe MFJ-818 compact HF power/SWR cross-needle meter is built rugged to take the abuse of brutal mobile and portable operation. 3" lighted meter. 30/300W scales.
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220MHz 5/8 Wave Antenna

220MHz mobile antennaThe VH1216 mobile antenna fits standard NMO mounts. 3dBi gain.

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1:1 and 4:1 balunsThese new HF baluns by Jetstream can handle up to 1500W and have built-in strain reliefs and mounting holes. Choose from 1:1 or 4:1

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Jumper for SignaLink Icom Round

signalink jumperThe  SLMOD8RI is a preconfigured jumper module that allows you to use your SLUSB with an Icom round mic connector. (not exactly as illustrated)

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SO-239 for RG174

so-239 inline for rg174Perfect for making adapters for handhelds or for other projects where an SO-239 would not fit on the unit itself.

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CB Radio

Harley Davidson Limited Edition CB

harley davidson CBThe fully loaded COB29LXHDLE has a display that can be switched to match the dash of your vehicle. Radio has all of the features most valuable to a trucker. More Info

Single-Use Super Glue Tech Tip

Did you happen to notice that it's getting more difficult to find "Krazy glue" in reusable containers at the dollar store? Fortunately, they did not change the thread on the tube so you are free to reuse the cap from an old reuable tube!


Compact Active HDTV Antenna

mini HD TV antenna for indoor useThe ANT4002 can be mounted on your TV or in a window. Includes a high-gain preamplifier for improved reception.

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18" Standoff Wall Brackets

wall bracketThe FOCUS18 allows you to clear the roof overhang. Handles mast pipes up to 1.5"

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Anderson PowerPole to Spring Terminals

descriptionPowerpole users will appreciate the convenience of having spring terminals for the quick temporary connection of your powerpole device to stripped wires. A huge time saver. Safer than using alligator connectors. Great for quick tests or emergency use of devices with your powerpole setup.
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Metal Project Box

metal project boxA very low price for a metal box big enough for a small transceiver, power supply or tuner. 8x8x5 inches. Nice textured finish. P/N PB858

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3.5mm Inline Jack

3.5mm inline jack stereo jackThe mode inline stereo jack is perfect for making adapters and extension cables. Soldering required.

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N Barrel Connector

n connector double femaleNeed to extend a cable with N-connectors on it? Here's the adapter you need.

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